Digital X-ray

What is the exam?

The digital X-ray system provides greater quality and precision in the image generated by X-ray and is healthier for the patient due to a lower exposure to ionising radiation.
Problems that often occur when handling and processing conventional films are minimised with the digital X-ray system. This reduces the exam time and limits possible repetitions in image acquisition, since the digital system allows the captured image to be adjusted; this also reduces the patient’s exposure to X-rays. The digital X-ray system allows exams to be archived, which permits comparative studies between previous and current results, thereby helping the doctor to determine and monitor the clinical picture.

How is it done?

The patient is positioned in front of or over the X-ray machine, following the instructions given by the technician. X-rays are directed at the area to be studied and simultaneously captured on a special plate that will be processed digitally to create the image of the study area. This image can be saved to CD-ROM or printed on a film. In the digital system, the generated image is stored on CD-ROM and, using special software, can be visualised, measured, amplified and manipulated. This helps the doctor make a more precise diagnosis and offers greater convenience for the patient to carry it, as the CD-ROM is much smaller than a conventional film.


X-rays: Digestive System
X-ray of the Oesophagus, Stomach and Duodenum
This is a study to analyse swallowing, position, filling and emptying, motility and reflux.
Less sensitivity in the detection of ulcers, small lesions and gastritis.
It is an alternative for patients who cannot tolerate an upper endoscopy.
Preparation: 12-hour fasting period.

Barium enema
This is a study of the shape, tone, position and filling of the colon, especially if performed with double contrast medium.
It is not very sensitive in the detection of small lesions.
Detailed preparation is required.
Exige uma rigorosa preparação.
Preparation: This information is given to the patient when the appointment is booked.


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