ECG with Stress Testing

Clinical Speciality

This exam is designed to subject the heart to exercise-induced stress in order to show signs or symptoms that do not exist or are minimally present at rest.

How is it done?

The exam is performed by a cardiorespiratory technician under the supervision of a cardiologist. The exam is explained to the patient and begins when the patient starts walking on the treadmill. During the exam, its speed and incline will increase while electrocardiogram recordings and blood pressure readings are taken continuously. The exam will end when the desired targets are reached or when changes occur that require the exam to be stopped.


  • A light meal can be eaten before the exam.
  • It may be necessary to stop taking certain medications 1 to 2 days before the exam. Ask your GP if you should stop taking any of your medications.
  • Bring clothing and footwear that are suitable for exercise.

How long does it take?

You should expect this exam to take at least 30 minutes.
The report is delivered shortly thereafter.

Is there any risk involved?

There is some risk involved in this exam, but it is minimal compared to the risk of more strenuous effort. Therefore as a precaution, medical treatment is available for any possible complications.


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