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The electrocardiogram is a cardiac assessment exam that can provide important information about the heart.

How is it done?

The exam is performed by a cardiorespiratory technician. The technician will apply rubbing alcohol to the patient’s chest to increase contact between the electrodes and the skin. When undergoing an electrocardiogram, the patient should be as still and relaxed as possible.

The cardiologist will then prepare an examination report.


  • No special preparation is required.
  • You should wear clothing that allows easy access to the chest, arms and legs (ideally an item of clothing with buttons on the front; tights and boots should be avoided).

How long does it take?

The exam takes only a few minutes and the report can be delivered immediately or two days afterwards.

Is there any risk involved?

It is extremely safe. There are no known risks. The skin may become irritated, but more serious allergic reactions are rare.


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