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Nutrition is the process by which animal and plant organisms get the nutrients they need to live.
It is also the science that investigates the relationship between the foods eaten by humans and diseases, with a view to well-being and maintaining human health.

The nutritionist is the healthcare professional that specialises in human nutrition and has a degree in nutritional science.
Nutritionists are responsible for meal planning, creating a diet and monitoring eating and nutrition programmes.
They calculate the nutritional value of foods and decide which foods are the best ones to serve at each meal.
In a clinical setting, the nutritionist provides individual or group guidance to people with specific dietary requirements, such as those who are obese, diabetic or hypertensive, among others.

Good nutrition means the prevention of chronic diseases, a healthy life and a good quality of life.
Many health problems can be avoided, through prevention, by means of a healthy diet that follows the right portions for each food item.


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