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Polysomnography (PSG), also known as a sleep study, is an exam used to simultaneously assess neurophysiological parameters associated with sleeping and waking states. These are known as sleep disorders, sleep apnoea, snoring and insomnia.

How is it done?

PSG is one of the most comprehensive exams in neurophysiology; electrodes are applied to record and assess data from the electroencephalogram, electrooculogram, electromyogram, electrocardiogram, cardiorespiratory function, oximetry, periodic limb sleep movements and other tests. After the exam, you can resume your everyday activities as usual.


Preparation is required for this exam. Since this exam is performed in the patient’s home, technical preparation is important to ensure that the exam is carried out properly.

How long does it take?

Preparation for the exam takes about 60 minutes. The patient takes the equipment home, where all the parameters will be assessed at night. He or she should then return to the clinic the following morning to have the electrodes removed. The report is delivered after 1 week.

Is there any risk involved?

No. It is very safe. There are no known risks or contraindications.


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